Yesterday’s workout

Night number two of my introduction to crossfit we learned a few new lifts.

First off we learned a move called a hollow rock. It’s pretty core intensive. You lie on your back feet together six inches of the ground with your hands over your head. Then you tighten your core like you would do during a crunch then you rock. It sound silly but your midsection will be on fire.

Second was the push press. It’s basically a standing over head press that you bend your knees and push up through. This was probably the easiest move we did all night.

Third we started learning how to clean. By clean I don’t mean sweeping and mopping the floors. It’s a move used to lift a weight from the floor to chest level. We started learning this motion with a 10 lbs medicine ball. Then we moved to using a barbell.

After we could all safely do these movement it was time for our groups second WOD. It’ll be its on post for the sake of organization.

Over all it was a great second night, I’m really enjoying learn these new lifts with a very fun supportive group of people.


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