Morning WOD 10-5-15

Who am I? I don’t know anymore. I don’t get up before daylight to workout before I go to work. I make fun of people who do that.

Well not anymore, I was up and leaving the house by 4:30 to make it to the 5:15 class. So that I could workout before I had to be at work. You know what? It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Here is what was on the whiteboard.

For some reason this one was called “Bubble”

Warm UP

5×5 Back Squats (Climbing – but mine was the opposite of that, I started with 115# and finished with 95#)

Then: 10Mins AMRAP

10 Snatch 95/65# (I was only able to do 35#, but I’m good with that a month ago I didn’t even know how to attempt a snatch)

10 T2B (toes to bar) (I’m only able to do knee raises right now. I also wasn’t able to do 10 unbroken. I do know I did some work because today my forearms are a little tight and sore.)

I think I got 2 full rounds in.

Picture belongs to the Go check them out.
Picture belongs to the Go check them out.Until next time thanks for reading.

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