An Off Day

Well, with the first two nights of on ramp in the books yesterday was a rest day. I needed it, climbing in and out of the truck was a challenge. Let’s not even talk about stairs. My quads and hamstring were tight balls of soreness all day. Today is a new day though and tonight will be the third night of beginner class. I have no idea what we will be learning tonight but I’m sure I’ll be sweating before we get done with the warm up because that has happen every night up till tonight.


Yesterday’s workout

Night number two of my introduction to crossfit we learned a few new lifts.

First off we learned a move called a hollow rock. It’s pretty core intensive. You lie on your back feet together six inches of the ground with your hands over your head. Then you tighten your core like you would do during a crunch then you rock. It sound silly but your midsection will be on fire.

Second was the push press. It’s basically a standing over head press that you bend your knees and push up through. This was probably the easiest move we did all night.

Third we started learning how to clean. By clean I don’t mean sweeping and mopping the floors. It’s a move used to lift a weight from the floor to chest level. We started learning this motion with a 10 lbs medicine ball. Then we moved to using a barbell.

After we could all safely do these movement it was time for our groups second WOD. It’ll be its on post for the sake of organization.

Over all it was a great second night, I’m really enjoying learn these new lifts with a very fun supportive group of people.

First post, First night, and First thoughts.

A few firsts all getting stacked on top of one another. I guess the first, first is thank you for taking time to read my blog. I hope that I will be able bring meaningful content that will be useful for others and keep y’all coming back for more.

So I’ll start with a little of the back story. I’m 29 years old and have been a firefighter in a department that doesn’t run a lot of calls. So that leaves us with time to study our craft, (IE. go to classes such as, vehicle extraction, structural collapse) or just sit around waiting on the next call while eating delicious food. Usually there is a combination of that. So six years after my recruit school, I’m now probably in the worst shape of my life. I don’t think I could run a mile without being seriously winded, I can’t do more than 5-10 consecutive push ups, and I’m almost 40 pounds heavier than when I finished recruit school.

Enter this week, after my out-of-shapeness being exposed recently I decided to give cross fit a try. I’ve know a couple of guys that have done it with great results. To be honest I have always been interested in it but never was able to bring myself to spend the higher than normal (to me) membership fees. So after talking with some one I work with that has had great results with cross fit where he goes and how he likes it. I signed up and started their beginner class last night.

I’ll admit that I could see where this could be intimidating to someone new to cross fit. I will say that having looked into cross fit, having watched some videos on YouTube, I had some idea of what to expect. Even so walking into a wide open room where 15-20 people are throwing barbells with weight around, music is blasting and everyone is sweating was pretty intimidating, I even thought is this a good idea? But, I hung in there, another co-worker showed up that I didn’t know was coming, and learned a few of movements, dead-lift, air squat, and sit-ups. I even managed to complete my first WOD (Workout of the Day), even though I feel like it was just a small taste of what’s to come. I ended up leaving with a small sense of accomplishment and looking forward to what we would learn on the second night.
The goal is to get away from this body shape and fitness level.