Food Log 10-11-15

Sausage egg and cheese biscuit. And a coke it was the first one in about 3 weeks.

Home cooked bbq pork chops, fried okra, corn bread, butter beans.

A screamin silcilan pepperoni pizza.


Food Log 9/30/2015

Breakfast –

Nothing it is 10:56 and I havn’t eaten. I haven’t even been hungry. So I guess breakfast today was my workout and water, but I’m gonna have to find something for lunch.

Lunch –

Had a lunch plate from Walmart Deli, General TSOs Chicken and Okra.

Dinner –

Spicy Shepherd’s Pie Chorizo Meatloaf

What I think about CrossFit after a week.


Well my first full week is in the books. That week has included 3 classes, which concluded with a workout at the end of each of those nights. In that time when friends have heard that I’m going to a CrossFit gym or Box as those in the community seem to call it. I receive responses from, a sarcastic, “Oh, so your going to the Box now, hahah”. To one person saying, “Why, I hate CrossFit.” with no explanation as to why. I have heard people talk about how unsafe CrossFit is and how it will only be a matter of time until you get hurt while doing it.

Here is what I have seen and experienced in my first week. I have seen a group of 15 people with varying body shapes, ages, and fitness levels come together for the common goal of getting in better shape. I have seen a staff of coaches that constantly stress the need for proper form and only doing as much as you can handle. I’ve seen people who finish workouts first rally around those that weren’t as quick. I’ve heard people refer to CrossFit as a cult, ,before trying it I had even made jokes about it.  After experiencing it first I can see why it gets this bad rap. People who have done it have nothing to compare it to. So when you have a group of people who for lack of a better word torture themselves with these intense workouts only to high-five each other while cheering on those yet to finish looks crazy to those on the outside.

Are there jokes about Cross Fitters always talking about CrossFit? Sure, but when you’ve done something you didn’t think you could all while being cheered on by people who six months ago you didn’t know, don’t you think that would leave you with a feeling that you would want the people you know best to experience?

Me personally the only talking I’m doing about CrossFit is being done on this Blog. Maybe if a stick with it a whole year and there has been a body metamorphosis happen that causes people to approach me with looks of wonder and ask what have I been doing. I might tell them you know CrossFit, and just leave it at that.