Weekend cheat time 9/26 – 9/27

Well I made it another week without drinking the first soft drink. I’m pretty sure the caffeine headaches are gone. I made it all the way from Monday to Friday without eating a burger on a bun, or a sandwich on white bread. I haven’t stepped on a scale to see if there has been an improvement there but I have started feeling better after eating cleaner for two weeks.

So football Saturday rolled around and I had to be at work all day so I lucked out that I cheat on the weekends. We started out with breakfast; I stayed good by eating a couple of scrambled eggs, with pepper roast on top. All this was made into a breakfast burrito. Lunch was late and we fried chicken fingers and covered them with buffalo sauce. That was paired with Rotel cheese dip that was snacked on the rest of the day. I kept my water consumption high. This was probably better in the long run that the whole pizza I ate last week end.

Sunday I spent at home with the wife. We skipped breakfast went to church and then had Panera for lunch. I ordered the grilled chicken caesar salad with a side of tomato soup and an apple instead of bread. For dinner we made a little pasta. It consisted of lasagna noodles rolled up with spinach and ricotta cheese inside. Tomato sauce was then put on top and bottom. I ate four, that was probably too many but I was still on cheat day.

Now it’s Monday and I’m back on track. Thanks for reading, let me know what else you would like to see me write about.


The weekend Food Log 9-19-15 – 9-20-15

Well this weekend I got a little carried away with my cheat day. I knew Saturday was gonna be crazy eating wise. I had planned to go to a dove hunt till 3:00 and that lunch would be provided. Having to be there at 8:00 and wanting to sleep in didn’t leave me much time to cook breakfast. So I started my day with a Jack’s chicken biscuit. Lunch came around and it was as I thought it might be hot-dogs. Instead of doing what the me from two week ago would have done, eating 6, I only ate two.

2015-09-19 10.48.59 2015-09-19 10.48.40

So after having a great time at the dove hunt, even though no doves were killed, it was time to go home and get ready to go to one of my neighbors birthday parties and watch the Alabama game. Like I said there was a reason I planned on Saturday being my cheat day. Sure enough I ended up having an eating relapse. I’m pretty sure I ate a whole Little Caesar’s pizza half of which was probably covered in rotell dip. I washed that down with three Miller Lights.

The cheat day rolled on into Sunday with the food truck round up being down town. NOTORIOUS P.I.G. had the shortest line, so never having had them before we gave it a try. It wasn’t to bad but I have BBQ Pork Nachos with pico, mac and cheese, sour cream, and a couple of other ingredients I can’t remember. Then was a trip to the Old Fashioned Lemonade stand. We followed that up with Magic City Sweet Ice, which is authentic Italian ice.

2015-09-20 13.40.05

Finally at dinner I started getting back to eating right. We had a primal hash, I think is what it was called. It was bacon, shredded sweet potatoes, red peppers, onion, cooked in skillet eaten with scrambled eggs on top. It was an awesome weekend and even though my eating wasn’t prefect I stayed on point all week and haven’t had a soft drink since last Monday.

As I’m writing this Monday morning, I haven’t eaten breakfast just been downing waters. I’m not hungry so I’ll probably just hold off and eat something pre-workout. I’m not sure what dinner is going to be tonight but its looking like sides are gonna be brussel sprouts and asparagus.