Food Log 10-14-15

Skipped it again, for some reason I just haven’t been hungry for breakfast.

I’m on shift again today in a class and the group went to sneaky petes. I had 2 sneaky pete dogs one slaw dog frys and a coke

1.5 cups of chilli


Food Log 10-13-15

Wasnt hungry and was working the second job so skipped it.

BBQ chicken nachos and a small piece of lemon pie. I washed it down with a glass of half sweet half unsweet tea.

A couple pieces of smoked sausage.

Food Log 10-09-2015

I stopped by the wife’s office and had a sour cream doughnut and a glass of milk.

Lunch- The wife wanted me to meet her at Milo’s so I had 4 chicken fingers and a small fry.

Dinner- some friends of our were going out of town for a bit so we met them at the local Mexican restaurant. I had fijitas chicken with a side of guacamole.

10-06-2015 WOD

A day late posting this one but hey I’ve got more to do than workout and sit in front of a computer all day. Although that sounds like a job I wouldn’t mind having.

So yesterday even though I didn’t Rx the workout I still got all the rounds complete. I think that next to partner workouts I enjoy workouts that have a set goal to complete the best. The AMRAP ones are ok but I always feel like I failed because I never feel like I got enough rounds or reps in.

Here’s the workout:


4 Rounds of –

20 Hollow Rocks (I end up with sit-ups.)

15 Push Press 95/65# (I did 55#)

10 Box Jumps 30/24″ (I did about 18″ I think)

I think with a few months practice this workout could easily be my first Rx’ed workout.