Food Log 10-20-2015

Breakfast was at 6am, the 20th was my main shift so I got up and was ready to workout at 515. Breakfast consisted of leftover “Never ending pasta bowl”. There wasn’t much left and I figure if I’m going to eat those starchy carbs might as well do it first thing in the morning.

Lunch was around 12. We are still in the process of class at work so being away from the station and stuck on the truck we ending up at the taco bus. It’s a local food truck for tacos if you were curious about what a taco bus is. They serve smallish hand made tacos on handmade corn tortillas. I had 5 pork. Might have been a couple to many oh well.

Dinner was about 6pm. Here is where I have very little self control, pizza. If I’m at work and all the guys are like, “hey y’all want to order pizza,” I better have brought some extremely good left overs and even then I might still end up with pizza. I went with a thin crust medium pepperoni. If you’re thinking wow he didn’t really stick to the plan today, I ate the whole pizza.

Oh well, it’s in the past now just gotta tighten up and get back at it. Thanks for reading like and comment. Let me know what’s up.