Food Log 10/15/2015

Breakfast –

Honeycrisp Apple and 2 round Babybel mini cheeses


Sometimes when I have a lot going I seem to stop being able to tell time. I feel like I start hyper- focusing on my list of items I have to get done. As I work my way through the list nothing seems to take as much time as anticipated. So then I look at my watch I’ll be thinking its an hour later than it actually is. All the while wondering how some much of my day is gone. Maybe is has something to do with working 24 hour shift, anyway today at lunch was no different. I was a little more than an hour early for today’s workout session. So I stopped in at the Cracker Barrel. I thought I would have more options that might¬†include¬†better options for the mid section that I’d like to shrink.


I had spicy grilled catfish, turnip greens, hash brown casserole (hey I was headed to the gym had to fuel up), and some corn bread. Water to drink.

Dinner –

Who knows what dinner will hold, the wife and I are going to a concert and we plan to eat out. I’ll update tomorrow and try to post some pictures of the concert if I can get any good ones.


Food Log 10-7-2015

Breakfast –

Skipped the real food, I had a yard to cut early this morning so I drink a KillCliff and got to work.

Mid Morning –

I had a protein shake with a handful of blueberries blended into it. I also had a small handful of walnut and almond mix.

Dinner –

Left over spaghetti. It was just as good if not better this go around.

Foodlog 10-6-15

Breakfast post WOD-
Milo’s protein breakfast plate. 2 eggs and Alabama made smoke sausage.

Didn’t eat any lunch, was out running errands then came home to work in the yard never got hungry never stopped moving. Did drink a KillCliff in here somewhere.


I made some pretty awesome spaghetti in my opinion to eat over spaghetti squash. I but a cup of diced mushrooms, 1 whole green bell pepper, about a pound of conecuh sausage, a pound of green fed ground beef, and finished it off with a large can of Hunt’s pasta sauce. I probably ate 2 cups of the meat sauce over half of the squash.

New Recipe Attempt

So my new favorite website to try recipes from is Getting ready for a 48 hour shift that starts tomorrow (I’ll be in the middle of the first 24 when this goes live) I needed to cook some food to take with me so I can stay on track.

So today I tried out their Spicy Breakfast Stew

A picture from not my picture.

I stuck to the recipe pretty close I used apple chicken sausage and regular chorizo sausage. Mainly because I couldn’t find the chicken chorizo at Walmart. I thought hey sweet and spicey go well together. I’m also going to use a fried egg instead of a poached egg.

I can say that this took a lot less time than the Chicken, Bacon, Rice bowl from their website. I would say 20 minutes tops from supplies to table.

Everyone should go to and try some of their recipies.

Food Log 9/21/2015

First Meal


Left over hash made with sweet potatoes, red peppers, onion, bacon, and 2 scrambled eggs on top.

Pre workout


A ham Oscar Mayer P3 snack pack.



Tomato pesto chicken a side of Brussel sprouts with bacon, red peppers, and garlic.

Kill Cliff

another day back on track. I need to send a huge thank you to the wife for cook dinners nights I’ve been going to workout.