6 days

6 days have past since my last post. I’ve pretty much fallen of the wagon since then. I’ve only been to workout once this week. I was lazy this morning and instead of waking up earlier and going to workout I woke up late and went fishing. Dont get me wrong you need to get out and enjoy your fitness. This morning is was paddling a canoe while a good friend and i went fishing. Twice in that six day period I ate medium pizzas for meals. It’s been a rough six days as far as my fitness and nutrition goes.

Motivation, if you see mine please send it back home. The last 2 or 3 days I just can’t get any kind of excitment about going to the gym. I find my self making excuses like I went yesterday or I’ll go tomorrow but rarely do if find myself going hell ya it’s gym time.

Well here’s to tomorrow and getting back on the wagon. I’m going to work on a list of why I wanted to go to workout so that next time I start making excuses to myself I can look at a reminder of why I started in the first place.

Readers what do y’all do to stay motivated on you path to accomplishing goals?


Food Log 10-23-2015

Turkey smoked sausage with bell peppers red, green, orange and onions with a few potatoes mixed in and 2 eggs on top.

White fish, cream corn, fried green tomatoes, Mexican cornbread.

Was the same as lunch but minus the egg.

Food Log 10-22-2015

If you thought this train was derailed yesterday, ha hold on.
Working my part time shift. After checking the trucks had time for a quick gravy biscuit hash brown combo before hose testing.

After testing hose all the way to lunch time it was a quick run to Milo’s for a cheeseburger. I didn’t go with the MEGA MEAL COMBO, which is a double cheese burger, Mega fry, 32oz sweet tea, and an apple pie. I had to start trying to get back right side up eventually.

Dinner was a late night run to Subway. 6inch turkey italian melt on white. I also had a couple white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.

Food Log 10-20-2015

Breakfast was at 6am, the 20th was my main shift so I got up and was ready to workout at 515. Breakfast consisted of leftover “Never ending pasta bowl”. There wasn’t much left and I figure if I’m going to eat those starchy carbs might as well do it first thing in the morning.

Lunch was around 12. We are still in the process of class at work so being away from the station and stuck on the truck we ending up at the taco bus. It’s a local food truck for tacos if you were curious about what a taco bus is. They serve smallish hand made tacos on handmade corn tortillas. I had 5 pork. Might have been a couple to many oh well.

Dinner was about 6pm. Here is where I have very little self control, pizza. If I’m at work and all the guys are like, “hey y’all want to order pizza,” I better have brought some extremely good left overs and even then I might still end up with pizza. I went with a thin crust medium pepperoni. If you’re thinking wow he didn’t really stick to the plan today, I ate the whole pizza.

Oh well, it’s in the past now just gotta tighten up and get back at it. Thanks for reading like and comment. Let me know what’s up.

Food Log 10-19-2015


I keep finding myself skipping this either due to lack of hunger or lack of time.


It was early post workout 930ish. I stopped by Publix and got sushi. It was brown rice with smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, and was fantastic.

The wife had picked up the stuff for some parmesan crusted chicken, we had a side of bacon brussel sprouts. I have recently found brussel sprouts it’s amazing that I have been missing out on these for 29 years.

Food Log 10-18-15


Well be slept in as late as possible and went to church so breakfast was skipped.

Lunch –

Olive Garden, I had the never ending pasta bowl. I had Cavatappi with 5 cheese Marinara and alfredo. I ate the first full bowl with chicken on top and the second bowl I just got the pasta. I took the left overs home and they will be Tuesday’s post workout breakfast.


I ate late due to lack of hunger and just had a bowl of special K apple cinnamon.

Food Log 10-16-15

Breakfast –
It was a late night, I didn’t get out of bed till 9:39

Chinese, I had sesame chicken, fried rice, lomain, and a couple crab squares.

Homemade enchalida with chorizo, sweet potato, and pablano peppers.

I’ll be honest most of that is probably mispelled. Hopefully y’all can figure it out. I’m on shift and posting this from my phone and the spell check isn’t that great.

Food Log 10/15/2015

Breakfast –

Honeycrisp Apple and 2 round Babybel mini cheeses


Sometimes when I have a lot going I seem to stop being able to tell time. I feel like I start hyper- focusing on my list of items I have to get done. As I work my way through the list nothing seems to take as much time as anticipated. So then I look at my watch I’ll be thinking its an hour later than it actually is. All the while wondering how some much of my day is gone. Maybe is has something to do with working 24 hour shift, anyway today at lunch was no different. I was a little more than an hour early for today’s workout session. So I stopped in at the Cracker Barrel. I thought I would have more options that might include better options for the mid section that I’d like to shrink.


I had spicy grilled catfish, turnip greens, hash brown casserole (hey I was headed to the gym had to fuel up), and some corn bread. Water to drink.

Dinner –

Who knows what dinner will hold, the wife and I are going to a concert and we plan to eat out. I’ll update tomorrow and try to post some pictures of the concert if I can get any good ones.